Hardwood flooring


Hardwood flooring makes a visual  & acoustic statement in your home.With looks you can't get from any other floor covering. Wood flooring enhances the look, space, and value of your home. It also offers better air quality, unlike other floor coverings. 

Hardwoods don't trap dust, pollen, animal dander, particulate matter,or other allergens. So wood flooring is the #1 Choice for allergy sufferers. 

Real woods also go with any decor because they have a wide range of colors,shades, and species to choose from. 

At Urban Flooring we offer a vast array of traditional wood species such as Red & White Oak, Hickory, and Birch along with a large selection of exotic wood species like Brazilian Cherry,  Brazilian Walnut, Tigerwood, Pecan,Pine, Mahogany, and Ash.

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